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Affinity: The First Book (Softcover, Novel)

$ 14.99

Agosta Pike enlists the mercenary effigy, Sloan Katona, on a suicidal mission across the apocalyptic ruins of a dead empire, an empire with few remnants of its existence 
barring a never-ending stretch of crisscrossing train tracks.

Kaiden Sivoy returns to the capital city of the oppressive kingdom of Aurago 
while possessing a critical artifact that could potentially prove the fallacy of the god-like Aegis, who suppress technology and manipulate the monarchies for their own twisted motivations.

Terri Zahn and Noah Bennet embark on separate escort missions as proctors—soldiers for hire able to traverse and survive the catacombs of the colossal alien spacecraft they and numerous other alien races call home.

The lives of a dozen characters across multiple realities intertwine through common 
histories, themes, and conflicts.

Affinity blends multiple genres, including fantasy, science-fiction, and steampunk, knitting together an expansive narrative across a trio of vastly distinctive universes.