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Battletech: AeroTech 2 - Record Sheets

$ 29.99

This book is brand new out of the case. However, please be aware that since it was printed over 2 decades ago the copy you receive may not be in pristine condition. As many of the covers stick together, some cover defects and blemishes may be present. We cannot guarantee or cherry pick a particular condition copy for you.

Aerospace assets bridge the gulf between the stars in the thirty-first century, making interstellar travel, and interstellar war, possible. WarShips escort JumpShips as they tear a hole in the fabric of the universe to jump thirty-light years towards a distant star; DropShips detach and make the million kilometer trip to the destination planet; aerospace fighters protect the DropShips burning into the destination's atmosphere, as the defender's aerospace fighters rise to meet them -- all to land a MechWarrior and his precious 'Mech on the field of battle.

AeroTech 2: Record Sheets is an all inclusive book that contains a filled-out record sheet for every conventional fighter, aerospace fighter, small craft, DropShip, JumpShip, WarShip and Space Station, along with all variants, currently in use with in the BattleTech® universe. In all, this book contains 319 filled-out record sheets, providing a single book for the complete aerospace assets of the BattleTech universe.