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Aegis of Empires: Player's Guide (5E) (PF2)

$ 15.99

   Adventure Awaits in the Lost Lands! The Aegis of Empires Player's Guide is here! Check out the richly detailed history and culture of the Lost Lands Campaign Setting as it plays out on the epic canvas of the Aegis of Empires Adventure Path! You'll find evocative lore, history, and background to the peoples and lands of the Kingdom of Foere, the Grand Duchy of Reme, and the Kingdom of the Vast, connecting the lands of Akados from the Crescent Sea and the brooding and blighted city-state of Castorhage in the West to the March of Mountains in the East. See it all from a player's-eye view in vivid detail, bringing together two decades of legends and lore from the adventures and campaign settings of Frog God Games and Necromancer Games, (and created in cooperation with the creators of those adventure epics). This book is perfect for long-time fans of the Lost Lands and ideal to bring new players and GMs into this intricately crafted campaign world, system-neutral and perfect for use with your favorite fantasy RPG!

     You'll find full-color maps of the Lost Lands and the environs of the adventures in this campaign, but beyond that you'll also find an expansive history of nations and timelines showing events through all the ages of the Lost Lands, extensively referenced to show the ongoing story of the Lost Lands and how it has grown over nearly 20 years of products. In addition, you'll find a comprehensive listing of the gods of the Ancient Hyperborean and Modern Foerdewaith pantheons, with rules options and game mechanics for clerics and followers of nearly 80 deities for 5E, Pathfinder Second Edition, and the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game! 

     The Aegis of Empires Player's Guide is the perfect accessory for GMs and players alike for playing in the Aegis of Empires Adventure Path or who want to launch their own campaign in this incredible campaign world and the newly revealed Kingdoms of Foere! Don't miss out on this treasure trove of Lost Lands lore - grab this 46-page multi-system campaign guide today and Make Your Game Legendary!