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Abyss: Super Natural Role Play

$ 49.95

    In a world much like ours, the mundane and the supernatural live side-by-side. Ordinary humans can be easy prey for otherworldly forces... while others know only enough to hate all that they don't understand. You could even be an otherworldly entity yourself, with powers both remarkable and terrifying. Our heroes must work together to make a world of peace ... and to make peace within themselves, for evil forces are always there to offer dark temptations of magic, power, and destruction.

     A self-contained game in one volume, ABYSS tasks you and your fellow players will work together to investigate strange and mystical events of the world ... and, all too often, to discover something capable of unimaginable terror... and only you can stop it! Using a powered-by-the-apocalypse system, you can quickly create your character, from the human to the monstrous and all things in between. Prepare your caches of equipment, defenses, and knowledge, then head into the field to investigate the matter. Maybe you’ll be lucky and it’s all just a hoax. Or maybe you’ll have to summon all your strength, wits, and cunning if you’re to spare innocent lives from what about to come from the darkness. Are you sure you’re ready?