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A Wanderer's Guide to Limbos and Mirages

$ 25.00

  A Wanderer’s Guide to Limbos and Mirages is a game supplement for Afterlife: Wandering Souls. Within this guide you’ll discover even more weird worlds and unlock strange powers for your Wanderer. Delve into what motivates a person to lose all hope and become a member of the Unrequited. Explore the traditions of Tenebris inhabitants and learn what morality means to those living in life after death. A Wanderer’s Guide to Limbos and Mirages includes: New character development options for experienced Tenebris travelers. A look into Wanderer Allegiances and how to gain favour with them. 11 new limbos to explore. Information on mirages and a generator to create new locations in the dark. And much more… This book is a black and white, softcover, a5 sized, 112 page book.