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A Savage Worlds Handbook:Perilous Places & Serious Situations PDF

$ 6.99

This sourcebook contains ways to liven up your games by looking at different locales and the varying dangers they present.

Inside you'll find rules for expanded arctic and desert survival, the dangers of collapsing tunnels and stampedes, fighting atop rooftops, crumbling cliffs, tall columns, rope bridges, underwater, and on vertical surfaces, the hazards of stormy nights and swamps, and expanded traps.

Perilous Places doesn't contain definitive, "must-use" rules. Instead, it's a toolbox, giving GMs plentiful options to suit any style of game, and allowing them to use the same backdrop at varying power levels.

Players be warned-combat just got a whole lot more perilous!

Note: Some of the features in this ebook use Adobe Javascript and require Adobe Reader.

Author: Paul 'Wiggy' Wade-Williams

Pages: 24


This is a PDF downloadable title.