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1879: Player's Companion

$ 39.99

The British Empire, suddenly finding itself with an interdimensional portal due to a Weird Science experiment gone awry, has discovered a new world, the Gruv, chock-full of resources and land to be exploited. In the process, though, they've run headlong into the Samsut, descendants of ancient Babylonians who've been living there for over three thousand years. Now the might of the Empire clashes with the weird science of the Samsut. The Saurids, a reptilian race native to the new world, contest with both empires to retain their ancestral lands. Who will control the Gruv?

Meanwhile, first in London and then around the world, magic has returned. In some cases, humans have changed, becoming elves, dwarves, snarks, and trolls. In others, mages, priests and shamans have gained awe-inspiring powers. Weird Scientists build unexplainable devices. Technological leaps forward have given us British microsteam engines, Confederate Giffard airships, and Prussian lightning guns, with new world-changing inventions appearing every day. Dodgers skulk in the shadows, doing what reputable firms need to be able to deny.

The British hold title to the Rabbit Hole and its access to the Gruv, but other nations have brought pressure to bear, and will not be denied their chance at the riches of the new world. Intrigue! Exploration! Giant insects! Battery-powered zombies! War in the New World and the threat of it in the Old! Where will all this end? That's for you to decide!

The 1879 Player's Companion expands upon the rules and information provided in the Player's Guide. Information is provided to take the original character Professions all the way to Warden and Master tiers, as well as details on Variant and entirely new Professions, and rules for how to build your own. New Skills are introduced, as well as Skill Knacks to use your abilities in new and interesting ways. For those working with Engines, structure has been provided for being able to write your own programs in game. For magic users, new spells have been created as well as methods to create new ones for yourself. There's also an expansion of the intricacies of social level and navigating the entirely separate and perilous world of Victorian era high society. Possibilities abound with new items provided and methods of customization to take your game to the next level!