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1879: Ha'Penny Pie vol 02: The Case of the Cantankerous Carnivorous Collector Graphic Novel

$ 24.99

  Riding high on the success of successfully solving a case, Henry Hydesworth, Detective, finds himself at odds with his family, his friends, and the police. His family want him to face reality and take his place in the family business.  His friends want him face the reality of settling down and take notice of what is right in front of him. And, the Police, want him to face reality and leave the detective work to them. In an attempt to embarrass and humiliate the would be detective, the police may have just put Henry in the middle of a case bigger than London, bigger than the British Empire, so big; it may yet involve not one world but two. Join Henry, Smedley, Emily, and maybe even a new member will join the Ha'Penny Pie cast of characters as they hunt for the culprit responsible in this tale of Theft, Restaurant Espionage, Kidnapping, and Murder. In a world where trolls, ghosts, and elves are real, who knows where the trail may lead?  Maybe even... a dragon?