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1879: Game Master's Companion

$ 31.99

The 1879 Game Master's Companion expands upon world building of the Game Master's guide, providing new challenges to give your players and new possibilities to take your story. Additional information on vehicles has been provided, including several new ones that range from simple transportation to all new tools of war. Additional Secret Societies are detailed, giving potential new friends and foes for your players to encounter, and possibly new groups they may wish to take part in. The Victorian era is not a kind one when it comes to health, and further details are provided on some of the nasty circumstances that for the time are part of every day life. If you've run out of fresh encounters to throw at your players, the book includes methods of creating new creatures, as well as an abundance of ready made new ones. If you need to bring the challenge up to the next level, new spirits and even dragons are detailed. Finally, the book provides an extensive time line of events leading up to the present time within the game. Get ready to delve even deeper into the world of 1879 with the next set of twists to navigate and obstacles to overcome!