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1879: Fort Alice Sourcebook

$ 34.99

The Fort Alice Sourcebook is the first 1879 sourcebook to detail The Gruv, the world beyond the portal.  Fort Alice is the installation on the Gruv side of the portal and is the player’s first introduction to all that is new and different in this new land. The Fort Alice Sourcebook covers details about Fort Alice itself, which as the British encampment on this world will be the players' first introduction to the Gruv. Additional details are provided on the people in the fort as well, such as the Zulu forces and an introduction to the Saurids there.  We also extend beyond the fort itself into the rest of the British expansion and colonization, describing their other settlements, work projects, points of study and interest, military zones, and the rail network that keeps them all connected.  Additional information on the military campaign against the Samsut is provided, pushing forward the timeline with new events that have unfolded in their pursuit of claiming this land for Queen and Country.