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Shadow, Sword & Spell 2nd Edition Now Live on Kickstarter!

Shadow,Sword & Spell 2nd Edition

Shadow, Sword & Spell 2E

You hail from a world awash in conflict, danger, and threats. You might be a thief due to your knack for picking the pockets of rich merchants in Gravinia while evading the competition. You might be a raider selling your sword to the highest bidder and fight for any or all as long as the silver flows. You might even hail from mysterious Cal’athar and have an affinity for arcane forces, using them to work spells outside the realm of Man.

Your enemies are many. From hordes of skeletons summoned by necromancers, to slavers seeking to fill their coffers by selling their human goods, to mysteries lurking within mist covered woods, your hero armed with their wits and sword are tested and the outcome is uncertain. All of this stands in your way, challenging you to grab what you can, and make it your own.

If you are lucky, you have braved numerous dangers, made many enemies, and probably killed a few of your foes as well. Your sword arm has grown strong from the battles you have endured. Your nimbleness and brazenness has brought you a reputation as a master thief. The magics you have worked, and the lore you have mastered, have brought you to an understanding of magic’s depth.

You have gone from having little influence or prestige, to now being a person of renown and infamy. You have survived the trials and ordeals before you.

Through your wits, guile, and fortitude, you have fought back the hordes of unholy terror. You have saved countless men and women from the bonds of slavery. You have discovered hidden treasures, long forgotten tombs, and tomes of arcane knowledge.

You have become a hero, an outlaw, even a thorn in the side of the powers that be. Your trials have prepared you, and now, you are ready to inscribe your name upon the rolls of history. The world now will feel your justice. Your enemies will know your vengeance. Those with the power have no choice but to share it with you. You will be a king, and the dynasty you founded shall endure for centuries.

Are you up to the challenge?

Inspired by the writings of Robert E. Howard, Clark Ashton Smith, and H.P. Lovecraft, Shadow, Sword & Spell is fantasy of a different nature: humanistic. Your heroes seek out to carve their own trail, and the threats they face are outside the scope of humankind.