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Now on Kickstarter from Danger Magnet, Legacy of Darkness!

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 Legacy of Darkness is the first adventure from DANGER MAGNET that utilizes the Ubiquity system made popular by fan-favorite Exile Game Studio's Hollow Earth Expedition.

Legacy of Darkness is a thrilling adventure set within the pulp-inspired imaginations of tabletop gamers the world over. Your characters will scour the surface world of Europe in a race against the Nazis to discover one of the greatest treasure hordes lost to antiquity:

The lost treasure of Vlad Tepes, the man the world would come to know as Dracula.

Legacy of Darkness combines the action, adventure, and thrills of your favorite pulps and serial movies with the mystery and horror from the golden age of cinema. Creating a one of a kind adventure that will leave your players excited for more.

Legacy of Darkness is a long adventure that will take most groups 3-6 sessions to complete with several options left to the game master to spin off more adventures in the future.