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Now on Kickstarter from Calliope Games, Tsuro: Phoenix Rising!

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Long ago, a vengeful god stole the stars from the night sky. To illuminate the night, brave people released glowing paper lanterns toward the heavens. This act of hope summoned clever magical phoenixes, who soared through the sky and raced toward the lanterns. 

As the birds flew from lantern to lantern, their enchanted touch transformed the lanterns into brilliant new stars! Before the people's very eyes, the night sky became illuminated with beauty, all because of the firebirds.  The phoenix that creates a constellation of seven new stars will illuminate the night sky and once again restore balance to Tsuro...the path of life! 

In Tsuro: Phoenix Rising, an exhilarating new entry in the classic Tsuro series, each player is a phoenix, soaring across the board in an effort to reach glowing lanterns and transform them into new stars in the night sky.  The first player to collect seven star tokens wins the game!

Tsuro: Phoenix Rising builds upon the foundation of classic Tsuro – you must play tiles to extend your path, traverse the board, and be aware of your surroundings – but it adds exciting new features such as double-sided path tiles that allow for diagonal movement and can be flipped and rotated to choose your destination, as well as a revolutionary new molded board.  As a phoenix, you also have the astounding ability to rise from the ashes and return to the board once per game!