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Now on Kickstarter from Atomic Overmind Press, Greg Stolze's Reign, Second Edition!

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Reign is a high fantasy game where you can give quests instead of taking them. Reign presents a world that isn’t in immanent danger of being destroyed—it’s a world full of complex cultures, old grievances, religions in conflict and sullen old schools of wizardry that can crisp off your arm. In addition to the usual FRPG heroics and enchantment, it has a system for statting up nations, or cults, or secret conspiracies and resolving their broader conflicts, instead of just leaving the fallout of their clashes to GM narration.

Reign first edition was released way back in 2007, self published by Greg Stolze, with a stunning layout design by a then-new designer name Daniel Solis, and art by Langdon Foss. In the 11 years since it was first published, the hardcover edition is long out of print, and it's been supported by a series of PDF releases from Greg. 

The time has come to bring it back, in an updated, expanded, polished, reorganized, full color version. The new edition of Reign contains the vast majority of the  supplementary material that Greg's created in the last 11 years, a decision which led us to split to the game into two books, Reign: Rules and Reign: Realms. Together, the two books constitute almost 500 pages of RPG goodness! 

In addition to general cleanup, Greg has strived to modularize the rule and make it easier to get exactly the game you want. In this edition, we say “If your group wants highly detailed tactical combat with loads of options, use Options A and B. If they just want it to be one element amongst skullduggery and political intrigue and low comedy, just use C.” You can pick what the rules magnify to make the rules right for your group’s adventures. This applies to chase, intrigue and other rules systems as well. 

Finally, we're revising the layout (while absolutely striving to maintain the fantastic feel that Daniel Solis' first edition had) and going full color, with all new art! 

This is Reign 2E