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Fight against the Demon Lord in Schwalb Entertainments newest offering on Kickstarter, Against the Shadow: The Board Game!

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Against the Shadow is a cooperative board game designed by Adam Doochin and Dan Heinrich, where the patrons of Rûl must come together to fight against the Demon Lord before this dreadful entity breaks through the cracks in reality and destroys the world. The patrons recruit heroes to undertake quests in the hopes of gaining treasures crucial for driving back the darkness. The Demon Lord, however, has many agents at its beck and call and sends cultists and demons to thwart these heroes’ efforts. It’s a race against time and the patrons must work together if Urth can be saved. Based on the popular horror-fantasy roleplaying game, Shadow of the Demon Lord, the board game gives you an all-new way to fight against the apocalypse. 

Against the Shadow is a cooperative race game for two to five players, with optional rules for one player or six. A typical game takes about an hour to play.