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Thunderscape: Iron Guard Field Guide, Now available at your local retailer or online!

KYG030002 Thunderscape: Iron Guard Field Guide $19.99 <----Order Now!

Push the Limits of Flesh & Explore in Style! Since the Darkfall, the wilderness of Aden has become a deadly place, where only hardiest and most cunning warriors dare to tread. Golemoids, men and women who have replaced portions of their bodies with mechamagical weaponry by choice or necessity, are among the hardiest of Aden's people, and the intrepid Thunder Scouts, riding their wondrous vehicles through the wilderness, are certainly among its most cunning. Wherever the nocturnals threaten civilization, the ranks of the Golemoids and Thunder Scouts are there to help turn the tide.

     The Iron Guard Field Guide is the first in a series of sourcebooks that offer extensive support for the new base classes introduced in Thunderscape: the World of Aden. Both the Golemoid and Thunder Scout classes recieve a wealth of new options, including archetypes, alternate class features, feats, spells, and equipment. It's time to take Aden back from the Darkfall!