Thunderscape: A Goreaux's Guide to Golems, Now available at your local retailer or online!

20 August, 2018

KYG030005 Thunderscape: A Goreaux's Guide to Golems $19.99 <----Order Now! 

Unleash the power of Mechamagic and Super-Science!

A catalogue of the most wondrous mechamagical and technological discoveries created by the inspired citizens of Mekanus and beyond, A Goreaux's Guide to Golems is an annual publication distributed throughout the Known Lands. To have one's creation included is an unparalleled honor for those who practices such arts, and those who wish to purchase or reproduce them eagerly seek out each new volume as they are released in the spring.

A Goreaux's Guide to Golems and Other Manifold Machinations is the newest sourcebook for the unique classes of Thunderscape: the World of Aden! In it you will find all the support you need for the Mechamage and Steamwright classes, two types of characters most well known for their punishing offense against the Darkfall. In this book you will find: New golems for the mechamage!, New inventions for the steamwright!, Incredible items for use by all classes!, New feats, archetypes, and spells!, And much, much more!

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