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Synthicide RPG, Now available at your local retailer or online!

WPG001 Synthicide RPG $45.00<----Order Now!

 Civilization collapsed long ago in the wake of mutant warfare. Survivors toil beneath the bootheel of their privileged Synthetic overlords. The Tharnaxist Church, a corrupt machine cult, suffocates the Galaxy with their tyrannical dogma. Yet you and your friends make a name for yourselves as sharpers, lowly space criminals contracting with gangs and mega-corporations alike. In this guide, you'll find everything you need to narrate compelling characters and thrilling adventures in a bleak, cynical universe where hunger guides your gunhand.

     Synthicide brings the following to your game table: A dark, hostile sci-fi setting where humans are worthless and money is everything; A galaxy of noir adventure and high technology; Debuts the ACTIONS Rule Codex (ARC), an attribute-based rule-set designed for imaginative role-play and full-throttle combat; Automated Game Master (GM) tools to quickly build NPCs, traps, and mission ideas – all on-demand; A Plot Twist system with surprises for players and game masters alike; Optional rules to up the grittiness and depth of the game, including Faction Heat, Mental Trauma, and Shock Damage.