Legends of Draxia Base Game w/ Standard Board, Now available at your local retailer or online!

11 November, 2019

LGP863644238 Legends of Draxia Base Game w/ Standard Board $25.00 <---- Buy it Now!

Long ago, Draxia was overrun by monsters and magic. Legendary adventures arose and brought hope by slaying beasts, building cities and mastering the mysterious mana. Legends of Draxia is a resource management, city building, monster hunting, spell slinging card game! A great gateway game into RPGs with indirect competition goals.  Easy to Learn, Difficult to Master. Family friendly (Ages 10+), Alternate Game Play, Tournament Play, Full Color Ruler Book, and Colored Artwork. Plays 2-6 players with expanded players up to 10 when 2 games are combined. Game play, 30-45 minutes.

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