Legendary Beginnings: A Feast of Flavor (5E), Now available at your local retailer or online!

02 June, 2020

LGP325LB075E Legendary Beginnings: A Feast of Flavor (5E) $17.99 <---- Buy it Now!

    A Feast of Flavor includes a variety of encounters to keep the adventurers engaged and thinking on their feet. Social Combat Cards, Pursuit Deck, Matching Game, and Riddles are just some of the interactive encounters included in this game. Whether you end up skipping rocks with the Goblins or deciphering the mystery of Bakewell Tart, this book will have you thinking, laughing, and perhaps even make you a little hungry. The Legendary Beginnings product line from Legendary Games is designed to creating exciting adventures suitable for all ages, but specially designed for those new to roleplaying and those on the younger side. Whether you try Into the Feyweald, the 5-part Trail of the Apprentice saga, or this brand-new fun-filled 64-page adventure, a finalist for Best Family Product of 2018 at the ENnie Awards, we hope these all-ages adventures help Make Your Game Legendary! 

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