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Gears of Defiance, Now available at your local retailer or online!

GKGLMG002 Gears of Defiance Softcover $19.99 <---- Buy it Now!

    Gears of Defiance is a narrative roleplaying game that explores themes of oppression, resistance, and the bonds of family. Players step into the shoes of second-class Imperial citizens, members of a tyrannical society with limited rights and stripped of privilege. Together they must rely on each-other as they figure out their place in the growing resistance against a powerful Empire, and decide what lines they’re willing to cross for a chance at a better future. Create narrative-defined characters by answering a few questions; Collaborate to create the oppressive Empire, the Family that still resists, and a customized setting that is completely unique for your game. Undermine the Empire through peaceful resistance, subtlety and intrigue, or actively on the resistance's front lines. Tract your character's mutable moral and political standing with The Alignment Matrix.  Rules for one-shots, short-term games, and long campaigns; Includes six premade settings by top industry talents for instand plug-and-lay!