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Dragon Heresy Introductory Set 5e, Now available at your local retailer or online!

GBL0004H Dragon Heresy Introductory Set 5e $50.00 <----Buy it Now!

King Krail of Torengar calls you to rid the border marches of fell beasts, unwholesome fae, and the remnants of the ancient dragon empire. Alongside friends and rivals, carve out your legend and your jarldom in the wild lands north of civilization, seeking fortune and glory worthy of skalds retelling. In the Dragon Heresy Introductory Set, you will find everything required to create your hero, play the game, and challenge fearsome foes.  Venture forth under the eyes of the Aesir. Put your skill, strength, and sacred honor to the test. Find horror and death, or rise to take your place among the jarls of Torengar. Go forth and stake your claim. Your saga starts here.

     The Introductory Set is a complete game covering Level 1-5: Choose from Fighter, Berserker, Cleric, Skald, and Wizard classes; Humans, Dwarves, Half-elf, and Dragonborn available as races Norse-inspired culture, cosmology, and mythology; Deadly and tactically interesting combat; Rules refined from the 5th edition of the world’s most popular fantasty RPG.