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Deadly Delves: Temple of Luminescence 5e Adventure, Now available at your local retailer or online!

JBE0410 Deadly Delves: Temple of Luminescence 5e Adventure $15.95 <----Buy it Now!

Some Just Want to Watch the World Burn! When the high priest of the sun goddess brings the planet and the sun closer together to spread his deity’s light to every corner of existence, the world begins to heat up dangerously. All attempts to breach the Temple of Luminescence and halt the magic powering this catastrophe have failed. The adventurers must perform an incantation known as the path of the sun and navigate the temple’s defenses to stop the high priest. But what appalling truths which led to this deadly incident will the adventurers uncover—and can they save the world before it burns?

     Deadly Delves: Temple of Luminescence is an exciting deluxe module in Jon Brazer Enterprises’ Deadly Delves product line, and is created for the Fifth Edition of the World’s Oldest Fantasy Roleplaying Game. This adventure is designed to heartily challenge a party of 15th- through 18th-level PCs and leave them with a memorable heroic tale. Inside these 52 action-packed pages, you’ll find: 8 Fully-Statted New and Variant Monsters and 2 High-Level NPCs—keep your players on their toes by having them face off against an ancient solar dragon, a dwarven high priest, and new golems, elementals, and demons; 9 New Traps to keep your PCs on their toes; 11 New Hazards and Curses to make the environment unique and interesting as the sun’s power scorches all within the temple; 5 New Magic Items ideally suited to high-level characters; A New Type of Spell Anyone Can Cast which lets the adventurers pass as one of the temple’s own; Enough content to get your group of 15th-level PCs to 18th level, or your 18th-level PCs to 20th level. Dangers Unknown. Treasures Untold. Adventure Awaits.