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Catopia Prime, Now available at your local retailer or online!

WNG0520 Catopia Prime $14.99 <---- Buy it Now!

Catopia Prime brings you the one thing that your campaign needs: Space Cats!

Specifically the Caturday, anthropomorphic cat people, and not just all the rules and cultural background you need to play them. Now, Catopia Prime also brings you an entire system to explore from its star Katze to the outermost orbit of Paches. The focus of the system is Catopia Prime, homeworld of th Caturday and center of their expanding hold on the regions. Venture into the Katze system to discover:

  • The hot humid jungles of Sh’lo where the wealthy travel to vacation in the tropical splendor or risk their lives hunting the planet’s many deadly lifeforms.
  • Explore the barren planet of Scraw’b and the exiled necromancer Fluafie the Apostat3e that lurks with his army of the undead, plotting the overthrow of the Caturday and eventually the entire known universe.
  • Catopia Prime, a planet rich in history and resources. From the capital of Catopia City to the ruins of the Lost’s Lands, there is adventure aplenty for the brave or foolish.
  • Plus, three other plants, ships of the Caturday, a pantheon of gods, and new technology, there is something in Catopia Prime for every player and GM!