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Awakened Skeleton 5E, Now available at your local retailer or online!

SG0500 Awakened Skeleton 5E $17.99 <---- Buy it Now!

A new supplement introducing a most dire of races, the Awakened Skeleton. Raised by ancient magics or the curse of a god, no one knows, but these players live again for the greatest of roleplaying games 5th edition! Inside you will find: Stats for playing as an Awakened Skeleton. Sub-race stats for all the major races in the core rulebook. Class options including: College of the Grave for Bards, Circle of the Crypt for Druids, Death Archetype for Fighters, The Oath of Silent Passing for Paladins, and The Dead One Patron for Warlocks. Two adventure locations to challenge your players with. The Temple Orcus and The Mael-Carin Crypt. This volume is pumped full of information that both players and gamemasters can use and enjoy for many adventures to come.