Wellstone City Chronicles: Two-bit Thugs (Savage Worlds) PDF

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Building on the story arc started in the Core Rules adventure, Public Transit Assassins, Two-Bit Thugs allows the characters to keep exploring Wellstone City, adding a slug of new NPCs and two new locations. The party has opportunity thrust upon them when a mistress of the high circles of Wellstone City gets caught in a gang war crossfire in the neutral borough of Wellstone Park. No matter what their standing at the end of PTA, they have another opportunity to gain favor among the crime lords of Wellstone.

The second adventure in the Wellstone City Chronicles series, Two-Bit Thugs can be run as a continuation of Public Transit Assassins or a completely separate adventure. It can be used as a campaign spring board, a diversion, or a one-shot adventure; and of course, it leads nicely into future exploits in Wellstone City.