Well Met in Kith’takharos (Savage Worlds Adventure) PDF

$ 2.99

Almus Rundarig has gone missing and the Transit Guild wants to learn his fate. Why did Meryl Dunestal send Almus into the swamp and what did the explorer find? Was the mission as innocent as Meryl claims? And would the Order of the Jade Leaf oppose the Transit Guild if they knew the truth?

Discover exotic adventure and political machinations in the swamp village of Kith'takharos, a hub of bustling enterprise in the midst of an inhospitable environment. Well Met in Kith'takharos is a Savage Worlds adventure for 4-6 Novice Characters.

This product contains a 46 page PDF and provides an estimated 10-15 hours of playing time.

The basic Kith'takharos Setting is available for free in a rules agnostic format at www.whitehairedman.com.