Villains: Rebirth (d20) PDF

$ 9.99

By James Jacobs


A rogue’s gallery of ultimate evil, Villains: Rebirth includes enemies both monstrous and malign. Whether you’re a DM looking for low-level villains or truly epic foes, this book will give you the master villains and their henchmen in a format that allows easy placement into any campaign setting.


Villains range in CR from 1 to 25, and each villain has devious servants that are also detailed. Full-color artwork burns the images of evil into your mind.


What else awaits you in Villains: Rebirth? In addition to the 20 villains detailed, you'll find 7 new spells to spring on unsuspecting heroes, 15 new magic items and artifacts, 4 new prestige classes (bloodtracker, dinosaur cultist, gutter stalker, and sea reaver), and a new Outsider known as the Ahazu.


Villains: Rebirth brings you the design talents of James Jacobs. Edited by Aaron Rosenberg and Wil Upchurch. Artwork by Ginger Kubic and Todd Morasch. 110 pages; full color.


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