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Valiant Wars Card Game

$ 29.95

The Kingdom of Valiance has collapsed. The Valiant Throne sits empty. Rebels, mercenaries, and tyrants have overrun the lands of this once prosperous kingdom. As one of the few remaining Lords, it is your duty to curb the chaos and establish order.

Valiant Wars is an aggressive press-your-luck deck-builder, where you must fight to capture lands of the once-great kingdom. Your rivals will resort to trickery and sabotage in their attempts to bring down your forces. Be warned! As you assemble larger armies and conquer more territory, you’ll be haunted by dark visions of a world in ruins; too many of these Dark Omens and withdrawal becomes necessary. Step up and claim the Valiant throne!

Valiant Wars is fast and furious, with no two games alike. How far are you willing to press the boundaries of fate?

Ages 12+, 30 minutes, 2-5 players.