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Unbound Core Rulebook

$ 35.00

Unbound is a rules-light game of world building, storytelling, tactical combat and pulp action that will give you the best session zero you’ve ever had. As players make their characters by choosing three modular elements (a core identity, a role that defines their battlefield capabilities and a trait that marks out their personal approach), the GM will craft their adversaries, the world, and the adventure at the same time by asking the players questions related to the abilities and roles they choose. In an hour or so, you’ll have a setting ripe for exploration and plenty of mysteries to solve. Each player uses their own deck of standard playing cards which are marked and modified over the course of a campaign to represent their character - as well as their hit points, their glories, their weaknesses and their overall skill level. An innovative stamina and wounds system keeps combat fast and flowing whilst making injuries impactful and dangerous, and over 60 adversaries each with unique abilities give the GM a wide variety of dynamic and deadly tools to wield against the players.