Trinity Continuum: Aeon

$ 49.99

     Trinity Continuum: Æon is the first non-contemporary setting explored for the Trinity Continuum timeline. Set in the year 2123, Trinity Continuum: Æon depicts a future Earth, still in the process of recovery from a devastating war and starting to expand into space. Nations that avoided the brunt of the destruction have transformed into leading political forces, while other regions are either home to struggling survivors in the ruins of their former countries, or living under a fascist regime intent on restoring order at any cost. Bio-engineering technology mixes with psionic orders creating new power structures, while alien contact has been made with mixed results.

     The Trinity Continuum: Æon setting book is a 7-inch by 10-inch hardcover book, approximately 300+ pages, with full-color interiors. Contents include: Chapter One: History Overview - The Crash & After; Chapter Two: The Earth (& Luna); Chapter Three: Space; Chapter Four: Character Creation; Chapter Five: Organizations; Chapter Six: Other New Rules; Chapter Seven: Psi Power Rules; Chapter Eight: Technology; Chapter Nine: Storytelling Advice; Chapter Ten: Antagonists & Supporting Characters; Chapter Eleven: Setting Secrets. The Trinity Continuum: Æon setting allows for a variety of play styles, from cyberpunk-like corporate espionage and intrigue to post-apocalyptic survival stories, to space exploration. Please note: the Trinity Continuum: Æon setting book requires rules found in the Trinity Continuum Core book for gameplay. This Trinity supplement is published by Onyx Path Publishing. The Storypath System is a set of rules designed to power Onyx Path-owned gamelines such as the Trinity Continuum and Scion Second Edition.