TORG Eternity RPG: Revenge of the Carredon

$ 34.99

THE ULTIMATE NIGHTMARE RETURNS... Revenge of the Carredon is a massive adventure suitable for several months of gaming. The creature was an unstoppable force of Darkness, wreaking havoc upon Aysle until it was felled by Tolwyn Tancred. But Tolwyn is afflicted by a curse, and the omens point to the return of the beast. To stop the Carredon’s return, the heroes must embark on a quest taking them to the corners of the realm of Aysle and beyond. Uthorion’s Stalkers are on the same trail, so beware! Can you stop the Carredon from claiming its revenge, or will you end up cursed by the beast as well? THE ULTIMATE NIGHTMARE RETURNS... This game requires the Torg Eternity Core Rules and Drama Deck to play. INSIDE YOU’LL FIND:

  • A massive Seven Act extended adventure that crosses the different regions of Aysle.
  • The secret history of the Carredon and its lingering curse.
  • Enhanced rules around sea combat and statistics for multiple ships and crews!