TORG Eternity RPG: Cosms Collide

$ 34.99

ONE THOUSAND YEARS LATER... A great battle waits to be resolved. Reality proves stranger than previously believed, as five cosms compete for the secrets of a centuries-old clash between two alien races. The competition exposes early cracks in the previously solid alliances between earth’s invaders, the High Lords. Nile Shocktroopers hunt cyberpriests, while Uthorion’s wolves hunt them. Tharkoldu trained Vikings battle Storm Knights, as Storm Knights try to save cities from mercenaries and their undead allies. All this leads to Baroness Nochnaya, a character who uses possibility energy to bend reality in ways not previously seen on Core Earth. INSIDE YOU’LL FIND: • A massive Five Act adventure featuring clashes between Aysle, Core Earth, the Cyberpapacy, the Nile Empire, and Tharkold.

  • Battles featuring better than a dozen new foes and characters, usable for any GM’s continuing campaign. • A glimpse of a new, never before seen cosm.
  • rpgKnife’s edge diplomacy culminating in a grand ball, where the stakes are assassination of a villain or the Storm Knights.