The Missing Harvesters (Savage Worlds Adventure) PDF

$ 2.99

Kith'takharos prospers by monopolizing the harvesting and sale of valuable swamp plants. Recently, a harvesting team explored an island containing the greatest concentration of swamp plants discovered in a generation. Two Harvesters entered a cave and disappeared under mysterious circumstances. The survivors returned home, shaken by events they could not explain. The small Kith'takharos community was stunned.

Were the Harvesters killed by lethal denizens of the swamp? Does the cave hold dangerous new Harlass Orn ruins? The Order of the Jade Leaf needs discreet adventurers to learn the fate of the Harvesters and ensure the safety of future expeditions.

The swamp guards its secrets well, and punishes those who covet hidden treasures. Still, the lure of riches draws explorers into the unknown. Join the search for forgotten knowledge and unravel the first thread in the mystery of the lost reptilian race of Harlass Orn. The Missing Harvesters is a Savage Worlds adventure for 4-6 Novice and Seasoned characters.

This product contains a 50 page PDF for an estimated 15 hours of playing time.

The basic Kith'takharos Setting is available for free in a rules agnostic format at