The Kobold Death Maze PDF

$ 6.99

Like all One Night Stand adventures, The Kobold Death Maze contains everything you'll need for an evening of fun using whatever fantasy roleplaying game you and your players prefer. Inside you will find:

Adventure: Inside you will find detailed background and action that sets up the Kobold Death Maze. Exact details of character statistics and task resolution will vary depending on what game system you use, but most of this information can be found in the core rules.

GM Map: Following the adventure is a single-sheet version of the map with notations for the GM's use. Marked on the map are room numbers, the monster and NPC starting positions for each encounter, and areas of difficult or noticeably different terrain.

Map Tiles: Following the GM Map are 16 map tiles that, when cut out and assembled, create a battlemat with a one-inch square grid.

Standees: After the map tiles are a collection of cut-and-tape standees representing all the creatures and monsters in this adventure. Together with these are larger presentations of the encounter areas as well as reviews of the action that takes place in each.