The Harrowed (Pathfinder) PDF

$ 1.50

Super Genius Games is proud to announce a new line of products for use with the Pathfinder RPG. The Genius Guide series of products are short electronic books that feature new templates, classes, spells, prestige classes and/or magic items. For use by players and GMs, each Genius Guide is low priced and ready to be dropped into your game.

This release introduces the Harrowed. These creatures are mortal beings whose connection to the world around them has been removed through use of the "Harrow" spell. When first encountered they may appear to be undead, and even most experienced groups will be surprised when the party cleric attempts to turn them and fails. Harrowed are a fun way for GMs to throw a new type of creature against players who have become jaded with the typical monsters found in most adventures. Harrowed can also be the focus of adventures after a player finds a loved one the subject of the spell and now must quest in order to find a way to reverse it.