The Genius Guide to the Order of Vigilance (Pathfinder) PDF

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The Genius Guide to the Order of Vigilance presents a group of three thematically linked prestige classes for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game. These classes represent various disciplines taught to members of an elite guild of bodyguards known as the Order of Vigilance, an organization dedicated to the notion that any group of individuals only ever reaches their ultimate potential when they function as a single unit-as a team that moves, acts, and thinks as one.

Each of the prestige classes here-the Dauntless Shield, Unseen Hand, and Warding Eye-functions adequately on its own, giving a character abilities and powers that allow them to excel at providing protection for their charge. However, when they team up with other characters that have been trained by the Order of Vigilance, their effectiveness increases and more options are open to them as a team than they each had individually.