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The Dark Eye: Theater Knights VI - The Red Choir

$ 19.99

Festum in Firun 1040 FB. Despite the bitterness of winter, the noble diet attracts Bronnjars from all parts of the Bornland. The noble marshal Nadjescha hopes to be confirmed in office, while notable and bizarre rivals are getting ready to challenge her. At the same time, a new Korian cult is spreading in the city. Whilst the cult‘s leader is only too well known to the heroes, her connection to the Alliance of Kor’s Sign remains uncertain at best. Is this threat, already thought to have been vanquished, sprouting a new within the city of Festum? When gruesome murders occur, the usual suspects are quickly blamed. Yet investigating between complacent nobles, stubborn goblins and the Festum underworld might reveal a different picture.

In the sixth and final part of the Theater Knights campaign, the heroes can discuss their discoveries about the Awakening and the future of the Bornland with the wise and powerful. While making plans for an uncertain future, they hunt criminals in the bustling city and are confronted with the rise of new secular and religious forces. Only when they face the last living witness of the ancient Order of the Theater Knights do they understand the true function of The Red Choir and find the key to both power and the future of this land.