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The Dark Eye: Theater Knights Part 4 - The Green Platoon

$ 19.99

Spring is in the air, and the Convention of Bards is underway! Musicians, singers, and poets from the furthest corners of Aventuria flock to the town of Norbury. Audiences jostle for a chance to see famous performers and hear tales of the fabled Goblin Timbal, and of legendary artifacts like the holy Swords of the North, which are said to guarantee victory in battle.
Merry-makers fill the streets, but a cloud hangs over the celebrations-far to the south, many bronnjars march with Empress Rohaja to fight the traitor Helme Haffax. Few troops remain behind, and Bornland is vulnerable. At the height of the festivities, a sneak attack from the disreputable frontier town of Notmarch leaves many dead. The survivors demand justice, and a small but determined force prepares for war.
March with The Green Platoon, discover lost secrets of the ancient Order of the Theater Knights, and help the Noble Marshal recruit warriors for a climactic battle against the Alliance of Kor’s Sign! Will you join the ranks of the greatest heroes in Bornish history? Adventure awaits!