The Boarding House at Arkham Street PDF

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Genre: Horror.
Number of Player Characters: 2-6 (4 pregenerated PCs included).
Game Length: 3-5 hours.
Recommended for players mildly or highly experienced.
Descriptive Statistics: Usable with any Gaming System.

A murder...
A painting that speaks of the past...
An unexpected visitor...

A Boarding House is a meeting place for strangers. When one of the tenants appears murdered, everyone is a suspect.

An intricated pulp horror scenario where the players will face their own humanity to give a solution to the enigma.

The Boarding House at Arkham Street is an adventure for Horror RPGs inspired by the works of H.P. Lovecraft and his circle, and that aims to represent the Pulp mood typical from the 30's in the United States. It is not prepared for any gaming system, but it should be easy for you to adapt it to your preferences without much effort.

In this adventure, the characters are part of the residents in a Boarding House during the Great Depression in the United States, when the winds of war in ye olde Europe begin to be heard.

During the second night of the game one of the female tenants will be found dead. Apparently, there is nothing unnatural in the murder...