Technical Readout: 3055 Upgrade PDF

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In 3055, a new breed of Inner Sphere BattleMech started rolling off assembly lines—’Mechs specifically designed to counter the Clan invasion—at the same time that second-line Clan ’Mechs began to appear. Now, twelve years later, those designs have become a staple of the modern battlefield, giving rise to notable MechWarriors and new variants, while the demands of the ever-popular Solaris VII Games have resulted in a plethora of new dueling ’Mechs designed using prototype technology.


Classic BattleTech Technical Readout: 3055 Upgrade™ presents, for the first time, ’Mechs built using technology from Maximum Tech, Revised™ and MapPack: Solaris VII™. Upgraded in appearance and technology, the designs first presented in the Solaris VII box set and Solaris: The Reaches are now back in print, along with several new Solaris VII designs. In addition to the upgraded appearance of selected Clan designs, all the artwork for Technical Readout: 3055 Upgrade is new, providing fresh illustrations of now-classic Inner Sphere BattleMechs and Clan OmniFighters.


The ’Mechs in the Solaris VII BattleMechs section of this book are constructed using select equipment found in Maximum Tech, Revised™ and MapPack: Solaris VII™. To use those designs, players will need the appropriate book.


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