Tales of the Caliphate Nights (True 20) PDF

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A Thousand and One Adventures Await!


The stories come from Arabia, Persia, India, even China. They tell not only of fearsome djinni and fantastical palaces, but also of profound spiritual insight and transformation. They reflect the enormous Islamic civilization during the ninth to thirteenth centuries, which stretched from Spain across North Africa to Cairo, across the Arabian peninsula, up to Damascus and Baghdad, further north to Samarkand, across what is now Afghanistan, down into India, and beyond. A traveler could wander across this vast region speaking Arabic, studying and praying in mosques, and trading with fellow Moslems. The stories are decadent, prejudiced, and fantastical, as well as redeeming, illuminating, and grounded. The stories are best known as the Thousand and One Nights.


A Winner of Green Ronin's True 20 Setting Search!


The Adventure Begins at Nightfall!


This PDF was made from the original layout files rather than being scanned. It is fully bookmarked and includes a printer friendly version.


Within this book one will find:
A rich and detailed history of the Golden Age of Islam, as presented by the famed Thousand and One Nights
The Geography of Earth during the height of the Caliphate
The history, powers, and challenges of the Six Tribes of Jinn
Fantastical locations that a Hero of the Nights might visit and terrible menaces that your Hero may face
Framing: a new and exciting use for Conviction, where you the player can spin your own tale (wherein you may save your own hide!), and the Narrator can in turn take on a role


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