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In SuperAge you play any super hero or villain archetype of any power level.  Every super has powers that can be mitigated or cancelled.  This leads to dynamic interactions as hero and villain match ups are always about getting the upper hand.  SuperAge also uses a simple cinematic mechanic that allows the players or GM to alter the world based on level of or on overkill successes.  These cinematic effects go both ways, between PC and NPC, thus depicting action found in comics, movies, and your favorite TV shows.  Combat turns happen quickly, leaving more time for more rounds which equate to more action.  The available powers allow each super archetype to be unique, having many strong and fun options to choose from.

180 Pages: Full Color: Filled with beautiful comic-esque art;  Create Any Super Hero: With 100 power options to mix and match, there are thousands of possibilities; Completely Open Creation: It’s easy to create a hero; Easy to Learn: Making a hero takes minutes; Action Packed: The system is made to replicate the action found in the movies and comics; Tools: Maps, villains, tracking cards, & PC sheet included.