Space Movers Board Game

$ 60.00

Space Movers is a story driven sci-fi adventure about a ship called Liberty and her crew. As a crew member on the Liberty you jump from planet to planet delivering cargo to gain the resources needed to keep the ship flying. But the journey won't be easy. As you traverse the system, dangerous events and the watchful eye of the evil UO will keep you on your toes. You will need to work with the entire crew to complete your objectives as a team and win the game.
WHAT MAKES IT UNIQUE - Take cooperative gaming to a new level with the Space Movers unique dice-rolling mechanic. Space Movers handles dice-rolling to complete objectives in a whole new way. Rolls take place inside the game box on a specially designed roll board. You must use good aim as you attempt to hit other dice to move them or even change the result of the previous roll. The game also comes with a complete Comic book included to tell the backstory and set up the adventure. You continue that adventure as you play the game.