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Savage Worlds Explorer Volume 1, Issue #06

$ 9.99

Calling All Explorers!

Whether you’re a college student going to the movies, a brainwashed superninja, or off to explore known worlds for JumpCorp—savage settings need intrepid explorers!

Infinite Worlds of Adventure

Savage Worlds Explorer is a continuing series featuring Savage Tales from all our settings written by new authors and industry veterans. This installment features tales by Tracy Sizemore, John Goff, and Scott A. Woodard!

East Texas University: The Curious Death of Violet Evans by Tracy Sizemore

“The Curious Death of Violet Evans” is a horror mystery for East Texas University that offers students of Sophomore rank or higher (preferably with some Ritualism under their belts) a chance to be heroes and save lives. During a late-night class project in the Big Thicket, students meet a 10-year-old girl named Violet Evans. She’s a ghost, and she died on her birthday. The investigation of her 50-year-old murder reveals an ancient cycle of supernatural evil, with a trail of unlikely victims in its wake.

Deadlands Noir: A Face by Any Other Name by John Goff

In A Face by Any Other Name, the gumshoes are hired to look into a puzzling burglary. As they dig deeper, they’re drawn into a tale of art, greed, and vengeance. Set in New Orleans during the 1930s, this investigation is suitable for characters of any Rank.

The Sixth Gun: Six More Relics by Scott A. Woodard

Draw inspiration from these treacherous items, craft new adventures, or structure entire campaigns around them. But be warned—a few of these objects can be downright deadly in the wrong hands!

The Savage Worlds Explorer requires a copy of Savage Worlds core rules and may require the core books for the setting, such as Deadlands Player’s Guide and Deadlands Marshal’s Handbook. Add dice, a deck of cards, and explorers, and let the fun begin!