Runepunk: Jobbers Tales #1: Whither Be WitherSpoon? PDF

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Jobbers Tales #1: Whither Be WitherSpoon? is an exciting adventure for jobbers of all experience levels and provides a wonderful introduction to the setting. As a matter of fact, it's designed as an alternative to the first plot point found in RunePunk: Steam & Shadow.

The jobbers discover they've been named beneficiaries in the will of a man they've never heard of, so they are not at all surprised when their hopes of retiring as wealthy cloudbreathers dissipates and is replaced by the prospects of a job. What happened to the wealthy Lord WitherSpoon? Will the jobbers survive the dangers awaiting them in Bitterscream and beyond?

In our signature, streamlined digest form, each Jobbers Tale is self-contained and integrates seamlessly with our RunePunk Guidebook Series.