Roleplaying with Kids

$ 12.99

by Sandy Antunes, Mike Holmes, Sam Chupp, and Zak Arntson.

Ready to get another generation into gaming? This guide is aimed at parents, teachers, lapsed gamers, and anyone who deals with kids and wonders if "they're ready" to RPG. Of course they are!

Here's the advice on how to best get new gamers into the hobby, and, as a bonus, includes the entire quickstart kid-friendly RPG "Shadows". A great product to give confidence to us adults and prove that, indeed, RPGing is a great entertainment medium for all ages!

Just to be thorough, this book includes 2 short RPG systems well suited for kids and 1 full scenario. We have Zak Arnston's "Shadows" RPG, Sam Chupp's "Six Stones" LARP system, and a convention scenario by Sandy Antunes. Here is the complete Table of Contents.

1 What's an RPG?
1.1 Role-Playing Games
1.2 How Do You Play
1.3 Structure and Kid's Games
2. Goals as Parents
2.1 Reasons for Gaming
2.2 10 Reasons Kids Should Play Roleplaying Games
2.3 Using RPGs for Value Transmission
2.4 My Story
3. Getting Kids Interested
3.1 Gaming as Social Life
3.2 What Kids Want
3.3 Running the Game
3.4 Getting Kids Interested
3.5 Getting Kids to Play
3.6 Teens are Different
3.7 Stages of Gamers
4. Sessions with Kids
4.1 Designing the Scenario
4.2 8 Tips on Narrating for children
4.3 Session Preparation Alternatives
4.4 Duration
4.5 Visual Aids
4.6 Rewards
4.7 Session Discipline
4.8 Socializing
5 Mixing Adults and Kids
5.1 Mixed Groups
5.2 A Con Example
6. Violence in Games
6.1 Classes of Violence
6.2 Letting Violence Exist
6.3 Justice in Games
6.4 Urge to Kill
6.5 The Violent Child
7 Non-Combat Gaming
7.1 Mystery Games
7.2 The Hazards of Non-Combat Gaming
7.3 Not Necessarily Fighting
7.4 Alternatives to Death
8. Kids Playing Kids
8.1 Children Characters
8.2 Children Challenges
8.3 Stealing Ideas from TV
9.Conventions with Kids
9.1 Family Con Survival
9.2 Types of Cons
9.3 My Experiences
10. Finding Time to Create and Write
10.1 Writing While Distracted
10.2 Time Management Hints
11. Gifts for Kids
11.1 Simple Gifts for Pre-Gamers
11.2 Evaluating Game Buys for Kids
12. The "Six Stones" Live Action RPG
13. Shadows - A Harlekin-Maus Roleplaying Game