Relics & Rumors #1 PDF

$ 7.99

From the creators of Ravaged Earth comes Relics & Rumors, our brand new adventure line for Ravaged Earth. What's in store?

Each issue in the series spotlights FIVE of the greatest relics in all of history! Each artifact comes complete with its own history, powers, and place within Ravaged Earth as well as a supporting Ravaged Tale so you can immediately use it in your campaign! That's right, FIVE adventures in every issue!

Issue 1 features:

  • Aaron's Rod
  • Aladdin's Lamp
  • Amulet of Tiamet
  • Ankh of Osiris
  • Ark of the Covenant

So, put on your fedora, grab your rocket pack, or summon forth all your mystical might and prepare to explore Ravaged Earth!

Every issue comes with both premium and printer friendly editions. This is a PDF downloadable title.