Quactica: Battles for the Soul of Middle Aesopia PDF

$ 4.99

Quactica: Battles for the Soul of Middle Aesopia is an innovative set of miniatures rules created by veteran game designer and miniatures sculptor Steve Lortz, author of the famous Perilous Encounters rules published by Chaosium in 1978. Set in a world inhabited by various races of anthropomorphic animals - including Ducks, Dwargs, and Porks - the Quactica rules tie in with a beautiful line of miniatures created by Lortz and produced by Skirmisher Publishing LLC.

This download comes with a free sheet of nine colored "Cardstock Characters" Ducks, Gobblings, and Porks created by Lortz that can be printed out and used to jump straight into Quactica battles!

Quactica is part of a thematic series of miniatures rules published by Skirmisher that includes the H.G. Wells books Little Wars and Floor Games, and foreshadows the release of a Quactica role-playing game currently in development.

This is a PDF downloadable title.