Psionics Augmented, Volume I (Pathfinder)

$ 24.99

Augment your psionic characters with this 70+ pages of new content in a full-color, softcover book, expanding on the options from Psionics Unleashed and Psionics Expanded.

Included are:
2 new races - the forgeborn and noral
30 new racial archetypes - 3 for every psionic race
18 new non-racial archetypes - 1 for every psionic class, 1 for all the base classes not covered in Psionics Expanded
40 new feats
A Game Mastery section, giving tips, insights, and instructions to GMs on how to use psionics in their games, including a treatise on changing the nature of psionics to fit your campaign style
2 new psionic powers
1 new prestige class
11 pages of new psionic items
10 legendary psionic items

Psionics Augmented requires Psionics Unleashed.